How to make a submission

This note provides general information about how the Review will handle submissions.

How to make a submission

Friday, 16 April 1999 is the date by which submissions should be lodged on the second discussion paper - A Platform for Consultation. Please provide 2 hard copies of your submission and an electronic copy on 3 inch floppy disk in IBM Microsoft Word format or in any Rich Text format to:

The Secretary
Review of Business Taxation
Department of the Treasury
Parkes Place

Alternatively, submissions can be emailed to the Review (

If your submission is more than 5 pages, please include an Executive Summary. Your submission should also clearly indicate a contact person and contact details.

We will acknowledge receipt of your submission.

Submissions to be treated as public documents

The Review intends to treat submissions as public and may quote or publish the whole or part of your submission unless you indicate otherwise. You should clearly indicate if you would like all or part of your submission to be treated as confidential.

How to get copies of submissions

The Review intends to put on its website a list of public submissions and, where possible, the text of public submissions.

Organisations making submissions are asked to put in place arrangements to make copies of their submission available to interested parties. In the case of submissions by individuals, the Review will make the necessary arrangements.


Sladana Rilko
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